Virtual Assistant


As an former executive assistant, and with more than 25 years experience in supporting C-suite executives, teams, and multiple departments, I am able to offer full virtual assistant support services to you and your business.

With qualifications as an executive assistant and paralegal, and additional experience in bookkeeping, marketing, and recruitment, I can meet your specific and unique requirements with curiosity, insight, and confidence.

I believe in a partnership approach to administrative support, starting with a clear understanding of the vision, values, objectives, and priorities of your business, so that I can support these in an integrated way.

Whether you need someone to simply sort and organise your email and computer files as a once off exercise, or someone to manage your diary and travel arrangements, co-ordinate your social media interaction, stay on top of your tasks and priorities, and generally support you on a daily basis across all areas, I can free up your time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Pricing ranges from $25 to $35 an hour, depending upon the complexity of the support

and the number of hours per month you require. 


For more information about how I can assist you with your unique requirements, book a free introductory call with me.

Imran, South Africa

Natalie is simply a superstar. Her warmth, enthusiasm and effervescence are the first thee attributes that you immediately notice upon meeting her, only to then be superseded by her absolute professionalism, integrity, honesty, commitment, attention to detail, loyalty and communication skills. Whilst these are often general terms used to describe people, the reality is they accurately capture Natalie's character and performance orientation, and converge harmoniously to form this truly dependable, reliable and innovative personality. Natalie owns her space, her role and her value within the chain, whilst ensuring that she serves as the bridge over organisational white spaces. That itself is rare. She's an exemplary team member, an idea generator and excellent executer and I recommend and endorse the value she brings both personally and professionally to any initiative she participates in.

Natalie was simply amazing! I required urgent assistance in researching and assimilating information for a business brochure and proposal. Her delivery was timeous, meticulous and relevant. She goes above and beyond what is needed, is articulate in her presentation of work and has great business sense about what the client requires. I highly recommend her work.

Natalie's a fabulous woman and entrepreneur that I met digitally, and hired her about a month ago to be doing my Instagram engagement. She's always been on top of it, and has been finding accounts that are exactly in my target audience, engaging with them authentically, and matching my brand voice, and they've then been following me and are already invested. It's been awesome! She has more than met my needs, she's exceeded them. Overall - I highly recommend!

Andre, South Africa

As CEO, I required exceptional support, and Natalie is accurate, getting
through a heavy volume of work quickly and reliably, even while under considerable pressure.
She handled extensive and complex international travel arrangements, regular diary
adjustments, and all other aspects of the office efficiently and promptly.
Natalie was able to relate very well to all levels in the company.  Most impressive was her ability to relate well to other executives and board
members, and she excelled at representing my office at the highest levels, conducting herself professionally at all times, which was critical.
Natalie is highly intelligent, learns quickly, shows initiative,
and thinks through every task to ensure the smallest details are covered.

Avra, South Africa

Carly Jo, USA & Australia

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