Proofreading & Line Editing

As a certified proofreader with years of practical experience drafting, proofreading, editing, and formatting documents, presentations, website content, training manuals, marketing material, and manuscripts, I offer a full proofreading and line editing service to individuals, authors, and businesses. 


With background and training in both UK and US standards and style guides, my main focus is to ensure that your message is presented in a clear and flowing manner.


Pricing ranges from $25 to $35 per hour, depending upon the complexity of the work and the deadline provided.


For a no-obligation quotation or further information, please send me a sample of your requirements by email.

Diane, Publisher & Author, USA

Natalie is the only proofreader and line editor I use in my self publishing company, Earth and Soul Coaching and Publishing.  That is because she is talented, careful, detail-oriented, and delivers beyond my expectations.  Her work is accurate, and she often delivers before agreed-upon deadlines. 

I appreciate Natalie's flexibility and skill. Natalie is a real asset to me personally, as she has revised my own writing, and has proven herself invaluable to my clients as they create quality books.

Natalie was very instrumental in my book process. As the proofreader she found things that passed by me a number of times. If you are in need of this service, there is no-one better than Natalie.

Angeline, Author, South Africa

A great big thank-you to Natalie for the phenomenal proofreading and editing done on my Dusty Bookshelf Collection.  Natalie is amazing!

Mitch, Author, USA

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