Life Coaching

I love the idea that each of us is a unique story, multi-faceted, full of plot twists, and ever-changing locations, able to change the lives of others who interact with our personal story. 

Too often, we get stuck in the same chapter of our story, caught up in the details of our daily lives without seeing the full story in all it's beauty.

​I offer personally tailored coaching to meet you where you are, creating a space for you to step fully, authentically, and confidently into your own life story.


As a certified personal life coach, it is my intention to walk alongside you and encourage you to show up with clarity, ease, and joy in your own daily life, fully reflecting your values, wisdom, and brilliance in every action and intention. 

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Ilza, South Africa

Natalie allowed me to see the possibility of change within. By shifting my mindset, I have opened up so many avenues in my life to flow with abundance personally and professionally. I am now attracting more positivity and manifesting more of the things I want to experience. Confidence in myself and trusting the processes in my life has increased, and I became emotionally strong while learning to trust myself. 

I have become more assertive and open to saying how I feel too, and I live with complete freedom and satisfaction in being who I am. Natalie’s support, advice and non-judgemental stance was INVALUABLE and made me feel completely safe. It allowed me to open up and explore as I unpacked what was going on. Thank you, Natalie!

Lucy, United Kingdom

Natalie is an amazing coach. Her style is wonderful, caring and supportive. Natalie’s ability to ask and phrase questions which really put you at ease and enable you to open up, ensures you relax and feel comfortable having honest conversations. Natalie is able to connect with you and understand the root cause of the issue being presented and lovingly guide you to resolution.

Natalie was amazing. I was initially skeptical of working with a coach, however, I needed help and guidance as my motivation was at an all time low. Natalie’s guidance was relevant and specific. I felt a lot more confident, enthusiastic and inspired for action after my sessions with her. She has a way of repackaging one’s own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction.

When I started coaching with Natalie, I was feeling very stuck, and struggling to find a life outside of being a mother and an employee without feeling guilty for wanting more purpose. Through this process I developed the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, and give new experiences and people a chance.

Michelle, South Africa

Miranda, South Africa

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